This is for 240mm x 4mm Braketech Axis/Iron rotor only!!


Fits: Husqvarna TC85 (2014 and newer)

        KTM 85SX (2016 and newer)

        It will also fit earlier models of 85SX and TC85 that run radial mount caliper with 220mm rotor. Additional caliper spacers (oem part# 700130980500) and caliper bolts (oem part# 0025080356S) are needed.  You may contact us and we will get these additional parts ordered for you.


This is for the use of stock hub or aftermarket hub that has the same bolt pattern!!


The exclusive BrakeTech AXIS™ series Ductile Iron full-floaters provides a higher coefficient of friction over stainless, with more feel and feedback at the brake lever.  The patented AXIS Design floating system is many times stronger than conventional semi-floating brake rotors.  The heart of this leading edge system has the floater buttons controlling radial and axial float only, they are non load-bearing.  All of the considerable braking forces are channeled through the trademarked Direct-Link architecture, comprising over an 800% increase in surface area load transfer as compared to conventional floating brake rotors…simply far superior by design!

Iron provides a higher coefficient of friction over stainless, with more feel and feedback at the brake lever.  But get them wet – they’re going to rust.  If you’re a fair weather rider, then it’s a non-event and not an issue.  However, if you ride distances where inclement weather is a definite possibility, you’re better off with our AXIS/Cobra stainless steel series in the optimized petal design.


  • Patented AXIS Design – featuring Direct-Link™ load transfer system
  • U.S. Patent No. 6,957,726
  • 50% greater Tensile Strength and Fatigue Strength: Ductile Iron vs Gray Iron
  • CNC machined from billet (continuous cast bar) – not porosity prone gravity cast molds
  • CRYOGENIC treatment for improved wear resistance
  • Greater thermal transfer capability than stainless steel
  • Reduced wear from shear forces – longer rotor life
  • Carriers CNC machined from premium grade billet aluminum bar – not stamped plate
  • Hard-anodized to military grade specifications
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Braketech Axis Iron Supermoto 240mm Floating Brake Rotor for 85SX / TC85

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