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220mm x 4mm floating rotor for 12" mag wheels.  This rotor is redesigned so that it can be installed with the front face up and allow the rotor to flow freely as the wheel is spinning, while the ones in older design in either orange, red or blue color have to be install upside down and the rotor cannot flow properly because part of the floating buttons rest on the face of the front wheel hub.  You can check the image in the page to see the difference.

Rotor comes withmounting bolts.



Our 12" 4 bolts pattern tubeless mag wheels.  (CRF150R, CR85, KX85, KLX140 and YZ85 that is using stock size front brake rotor.)


Attention:  This rotor is not direct replacment for OEM brake rotor!



220mm Floating Front Brake Rotor for 12" Mag Wheels


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