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73motoparts Pro Signature Series tire warmers.   


  • Maintain your race tires in highest performance by keeping it from unnecessary heat cycles build up.  Works with all 10" tires.
  • 3 temperatures toggle switch setting allows users to choose from Low (140F), Medium (176F) and High (203F) to fit different conditions and needs.
  • Kevlar and Nomex construction with aluminumized layer allow heat to spread quickly and evenly throughout the entire profile of the tires.
  • Snug fit design with deep side curtain to minimize heat loss during operation and at the same time quickly drive heat all the way to the wheels.
  • Durable and plug and play design allow hassle free operation to the users.
  • We also carry these tire warmers in 12" and 17" wheel diameters.  You can search them from search box
  • Carrying bag included.
  • 90 days limited warranty.

10" 3 Temps Analog Control Tire Warmer for Scooter Minimoto Ohvale GP-0 / Bucci


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