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With mini road racing continuing to gain in popularity, Dunlop is releasing a series of mini moto tires. Available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes, now mini bikes can experience the speed and performance offered by Dunlop tires.

Dunlop’s TT93GP Pro, KR345, Sportmax Rain, and Sportmax Slicks were developed in various racing series around the world.


Product Info:


100/485-12 Front 

SKU 4520700

Recommended rim range (2.15-2.75″), Best Rim (2.50″)

Width (101 mm”)(3.98 in”), Diameter (483 mm”)(19.02 in”)


120/500-12 Rear

SKU 45270701

Recommended rim range (2.5-3.50″), Best Rim (2.8″)

Width (118 mm”)(4.65 in”), Diameter (502 mm”)(19.76 in”)


Recommended Cold Pressure 18-20 PSI


Dunlop KR345 Wet Weather Mini Moto Race Tire

$277.99 Regular Price
$250.19Sale Price

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