Dunlop’s Moto3 tires are the Official Tires of the Moto3 class in the MotoGP World Championship Series.


Price included ONE of each of the following tires:


Dunlop Moto 3 M/C (90/80R17) Soft front

Fit 2.15-2.5 rim width (best with 2.5")

Recommended "cold" pressure 26-28 PSI


Dunlop Moto 3 M/C (115/75R17) Soft rear

Fit 2.75-3.5 rim width (best with 3.5") 

Recommended "cold" pressure 30-33 PSI


Dunlop Moto 3 Motorcycle Racing Slick Tires 95/80R17 & 115/75R17

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