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This Ferodo XRAC series brake pads is a direct replacement Honda 45105-MY6-415 oem (also EBC FA185R) brake pads and will fit Honda CRF250, CRF450R OEM Caliper or CRF150R, CR85R or KX65 big brake conversion with CRF450R Caliper.  


SinterGrip ZRAC Race:

The all new Ferodo ZRAC race pad range does not replace the recently updated XRAC, but rather is a very focused and limited product range that features the trademarked HIT™ (High Initial Torque) technology which simply translates into a higher initial coefficient of friction for more more initial bite than the XRAC.  But it doesn’t stop there, this is combined with an extremely high peak friction for an amazingly powerful brake system.  The intent is to offer more performance options for Pro level racing as well as seasoned club racers who prefer the characteristics of a flatter torque curve.  Feel and feedback at the lever is superb providing excellent control during late braking corner entrances while it’s thermally stable friction characteristics maintain linear progression to peak power under maximum pressure.  As with the XRAC stablemate, the all-new ZRAC also features the trademarked Array Cooling™ technology to reduce interface temperatures under severe thermal load conditions.

Ferodo FDB892ZR CRF450R Sinter Grip (ZRAC Series) Racing Brake Pads

$59.95 Regular Price
$50.96Sale Price

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