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Extra Volume-2 series

  • Monotube Oil & Gas Separator Design:

Monotube design holds a larger volume of fluid and allows for a separate gas chamber. The separator design also eliminates cavitation caused by the mixture of oil and gas. This allows for stable continuous damping throughout the different performance settings.

  • Active Valve Piston:

Wide range valve piston helps the simple harmonic motion control function for extra comfort even on the toughest road conditions.

  • Spring Preload Adjustment + Internal Gas Chamber:

Spring preload adjustability provides the user the ability to set their desired riding preference. This combines with the internal gas chamber to sub-support the spring compression’s wider range of settings with easy adjustments.

  • Rebound Adjustment:

15 clicks of adjustable rebound allow the rider to fine tune their desired suspension damping settings.

  • Extra Volume Compressed Air:

Gears’ innovative extra volume fluid and gas separator design allows for a greater volume of oil and high-pressured gas to assist the shock, effectively absorbing impacts while still maintaining great comfort and control.

  • Height Adjustable:

Some applications allow for height adjustment (*Maximum 5mm).

  • Warranty:

All Gears shocks are covered by a 12 months limited warranty from the original date of purchase. * Original purchase receipt must accompany with Warranty RMA return.  Service location -- US head quarter in  Southern California.


* Installation fee is not included.

* Optional Black Edition available on some models with additional 5% of MSRP.

HONDA MSX / GROM 125 Gears Racing EV2 Rear Suspension


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