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CRF450R Sintered Brake Pads by SBS - Front


  • These pads are for 65SX, TC65, MC65, KX65, CRF150R, CR85, etc that have upgraded to the CRF450R front caliper and big brake kit.
  • The premier offroad racing brake pad from SBS
  • Powerful, predictable fade-free brake performance
  • Made in Denmark
  • Sold per brake caliper


Scandinavian Brake Systems' best offroad brake pad, the RSI Racing Sinter compound provides unparalleled stopping power from flag-to-flag. Specially formulated for use in hot, dry and dusty conditions that are almost always encountered at the track, these brake pads will satisfy even the most demanding riders.

SBS 694RSI CRF450R Sintered Front Brake Pads / CRF150R CR85R Big Brake Kit


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