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Product Description

Yoyodyne CRF150R/RB slipper clutch fits years 2007 and newer.

Can be used in any application that was fitted with Honda clutch hub part number 22120-KSE-670



21703 Antihopping slipper clutch Honda Moto 4 / CRF 150 – mounting instructions

Congratulation, you bought one of best clutch systems for your Honda.

This clutch should be installed by an experienced team or workshop.

  • Read this instructions with photos before you start. Check if the set includes all parts.
  • Remove the old clutch drum (according Honda workshop manual ), clean thread on the shaft and big nut from old glue with brake cleaner.
  • Put shim ( STD ) between basket and drum, when you replace it ( pic.a ).
  • Install pre mounted slipper drum ( pic.b ).
  • Put kit steel washer ( pic.c ).
  • Tighten the main nut with torque 40 Nm and secure it with glue Loctite No. 620 (RED) ( pic. d,e ).
  • Install the push pin with axial bearing and steel washer as STD ( pic. g )
  • This slipper clutch is designed for using STD clutch plates. Install them as STD ( pic.f ).
  • Install pressure plate ( pic.h ).

10. Install STD clutch springs, put spring kit-retainers, tighten all with M5 bolts ( pic. i,j ).

11. Check the correct clearance between pressure plate and clutch hub via the holes in the pressure plate. Correct clearance is about1.0 mm. Minimal clearance is 0,5mm. When the friction plates wear this much replace all friction plates with new ones.

  • Every time use new clutch cover gasket.
  • Mount case cover according to Honda workshop manual.
  • Check clearance on clutch cable.



In case you have strong tuned up engine, the clutch can slip by acceleration. Use lower (shorter) spring retainers to stop it

in case you prefer more breaking engine, use again lower spring retainers

Yoyodyne CRF150R Slipper Clutch

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