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World first true road racing big brake kit for KTM 65SX, Husqvarna TC65 & GasGas MC65!!  In stock, ready to ship!


The KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas 65 are powerful machines in light weight category for Go Kart track racing.  Or for youths and small to mid size adult racers who wants to train and hone their skills for road racing on big bikes.  The bikes are fast, reliable and easy to maintain.  But the front brake is the weakest link as some of the fast riders stated.  It needs to be upgraded with a 3rd party oversized front brake rotor kit. But there are 3 major problems:

  1. The oversized rotor in the 3rd party kit is too thin so they get warped easily because it was originally designed with offroad application in mind, therefore it cannot take the abuse from asphalt tracks where extreme heat is generated from hard braking.
  2. Since the oversized rotor is constantly overheating, heat then transferred directly to the brake pads which resulting early disintegration of the pads. Overheating front brake also causes brake fade.
  3. Lack of road race oriented brake pads for the oem front brake caliper.  Road racing brake pads are characteristic of high friction coefficient and high tolerance of thermal load.  Despite sintered compound brake pads are available for the oem brake caliper; the result is far from satisfactory.


For these reasons, we think outside the box and produce the big brake kit for minimoto / road racing application. 


Our kit features:

  • Caliper bracket made of CNC machined 7075 billet aluminum for added strength and reliability.
  • 220mm oversized floating rotor increases braking power and reduce brake drag.
  • Rotor is 33% thicker for improved performance and don't get warped easily even in extreme condition.
  • Stopping power drastically improved due to much larger brake pads are used.
  • Lower running cost, the durability of your brake pads will last 5 times or longer in our kit than those that are used on oem brake caliper.
  • More choices of brake pad compound can be used with the kit including our most popular FDB892ZR Ferodo Sinter Grip racing brake pads.
  • This kit requires the purchase of a 05’-18’ Honda CRF250/450R front brake caliper assembly #45150-MEN-006.
  • You will need to use a 2004+ CRF450R, KX450F, RM-Z450, or a YZ450F master cylinder.  Any year master cylinder from those bikes will work.
  • You can also pair this kit with our Adelin 14mm radial brake master cylinder for improved lever feel and look.


Kit included:

1 x 220mm x 4mm front floating rotor.

1 x Billet aluminum dual pistons caliper relocation bracket.

1 x 1100mm steel braided brake line and 10mm banjo bolts



2009 - 2022 KTM / Husqvarna 65

2021 - 2022 GASGAS 65



  • Kit required minor modification - lower caliper mount where it made contact with the dual piston caliper must be filed down 0.02-0.04 inches on both sides!  (Fig 1 & 2)
  • Caliper bracket mounting bolts must be secured with Permatex® Medium Strength Threadlocker (Blue) or equivalent threadlocker and torqued to 9 ft-lbs!
  • Proper bed-in of new rotor is recommended to achieve maximum performance of the kit.


Country of manufacture:

Rotor: China

Caliper Bracket: USA


KTM / HUSQVARNA / GASGAS 65 Minimoto / Road Race Big Brake Conversion Kit