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Fits the following models with oem hubs and aftermarket wheel hub that share the same bolt pattern:

85SX (All years)

MC85 (All years)

TC85 (All years)

Will not fit mag wheels!!


Buyer please choose color and sizes in the drop down menus.


Sprocket Features:

  • Lightweight high-performance alternative to the stock steel sprocket
  • Considerably reduce mass and allow you to change your gearing. 
  • Made with the highest quality aluminum
  • 7075 T6 aluminum is the best grade material for light weight and durability
  • The weight you save on drive components is multiplied as rotating mass
  • Less rotating weight improves acceleration
  • CNC Machined to tightest tolerances
  • Their unique manufacturing process creates a perfectly concentric sprocket every time
  • This frees horsepower and extends the life of both the chain and sprocket
  • Perfected tooth design has less drag and reduces friction for better acceleration and deceleration
  • Attractive, Smart Design
  • Vortex patented design offers a unique look
  • Mud grooves and coating help keep components clean

KTM Husqvarna GasGas 85 Vortex 428 Pitch Aluminum Rear Sprockets (Spoke Wheels)


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