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Please note that these Nissin brake calipers are resold from some used Honda oem parts that has been professionally rebuilt and reconditioned.  

All seals have been replaced.

OE pistons are replaced with BrakeTech Ventilated Racing Pistons.  


The benefit of using BrakeTech Vantilating Racing Pistons is that the aluminum OE pistons are highly conductive in providing a huge heat path into the hydraulics. BrakeTech is now addressing this with specially engineered ventilated stainless steel pistons of proprietary material that all but eliminates those shortcoming:


Key Features:

  • Reducing thermal conductivity by 94%
  • Dramatically improves piston retraction, reduces brake drag
  • Increases top speed
  • Improves release time for greater control exiting the apex
  • Improves overall braking consistency under severe racing condition
  • Unique Fluid Maximizer creates a strategic chamber that increases total fluid volume to further retard thermal build
  • Patent Pending


Additional Info:

  • Comes with race drilled banjo bolt,
  • Brake pads are not included,
  • Cosmetic impection may appear in the caliper,
  • Actual caliper might look slight difference than the picture!
  • Add matching Ferodo FDB892ZR Sinter Grip (ZRAC Series) Racing Brake Pads for maximum performance.



73motoparts 220mm big brake bracket for CRF150R / RB and CR85R

KX65 / RM65 Big Brake kit



Nissin Dual Piston Front Brake Caliper (Rebuilt with BrakeTech Racing Pitons)


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